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Pokok Sena, Kedah

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Good day, this is JY! I am a registered freelance Producer (AB 20434) in Malaysia. I am capable to shoot and edit as well.

How to describe me? I personally see myself as a responsible person. Responsible to the project and to the client is a must! I never promise stuff I cannot do. I feel and I am responsible to myself too, making sure that Im keeping the standards of my work. It just does not feel right when I simply do a job/project.

I like to take up challenge. I am always trying to source and try different projects (aka different industries). Starting from Music Videos, Behind The Scenes, Social Media Series, to Wedding Films, Corporate Videos, Events and then to Advertisements, etc... This is a long long journey, yet very exciting one.

Shoot me up if you have any fun and challenging project! No matter it is whole video production, directing, producing, shooting, or even editing, I am fine to accept the challenge! (Prefer challenging and fun project) I am willing to travel all around Malaysia and Overseas. Working remotely is totally fine too.

My motto: Words don't always tell, but Story does!






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Chinese (Mandarin)

Current Status

Self Employed

Working Experience

  • Producer
    JY Video Production
    Kuala Lumpur
    Sep 2018 -- Apr 2021
    Company Type
    New Startup
    Advertising & Media / Film
    Media - Broadcast and production
    Embracing Taiwan Season 1
    A 2-episodes series for Ministry of Foreign Affairs Taiwan to promote their country.
    Cameraman and Editor, setup and assist the shoot. Edit two episodes (broadcasted
    on Astro and social media plaform) , two trailers (social media) and a 5m promo (social
    media and press conference).

    8TV Hello My Little Fortune BTS
    A series of TV dramas together with celebration with Chinese New Year.
    Editor, edit contents for social media posting.

    E-Agro Season 1
    A 3-episodes series to promote the website E-Agro.
    Producer, plan and arrange for the shoot.
    Director, in charge for the content and script of the shoot.

    Huawei Education video content
    A 12-episodes series.
    Assist. Director, pre production of the shoot.

    Lazada ‘Laz Guess It’ Live Show
    A live show one week before 11.11 as a campaign to promote.
    VCR Director/D.O.P, plan and shoot 44 VCRs within two weeks.
    Live Show Assist. Director, countdown and coordinate our team in control room.

    8TV Back To You Movie BTS
    A film produced with celebration of Malaysia National Day.
    Director, Cameraman and Editor, plan, shoot and edit contents for social media posting.

    Hungry Harimau Charity Golf Tournament
    A 3-days international charity golf tournament hosted by Cheng & Co.
    Whole production, Produce and direct the shoot. Communicate with clients.
    Follow and shoot on the field; Supervise the editing.

    Wedding & Proposal Film
    Produce several wedding film, with the main objective to bring out the most authentic
    and genuine feeling from the newly married couple.

    Produce several corporate video, to promote the branding, service and product of the
    organization. Eg, Cheng & Co and Polygon Properties.
    Reason Of Resign
  • Production Assistant
    Kuala Lumpur
    Sep 2017 -- Sep 2018
    Company Type
    Public Listed Company
    Advertising & Media / Film
    Fresh / Entry Level
    Media - Broadcast and production
    Broadcast Assistant
    Rise- Ini Kalilah Movie
    Rise, is a movie about GE 14 Malaysia.
    a) I am in charge of planning, shooting, editing promotional video content: The Making Of/ Behind The Scene, Press conference, Campaign video, Shoutout video, Cast and Director interviews, Trailer, Music Video of the theme song, etc...

    Priscilla Abby related project
    Priscilla Abby is a new rising star. She launched new MVs and her first mini-concert in Malaysia starting from late December 2017.
    a. Burn MV, Mystery of Hibiscus MV and Your voice MV:
    Production Manager, Script recorder and taking care of artists
    b. Priscilla Abby mini-concert:
    Director, planning and during the shoot. Coordinate team members.
    Editor, edit the video.
    c. Priscilla Abby other projects: Priscilla Abby events, shoutouts, and interviews.
    Prepare for shoot, schedule, plan
    Setup for shoot, play different roles during shoot: lighting, sound, camera,
    Edit after shoot.

    HaoRen related project
    Haoren is a singer and actor. He launched his album in early of 2018. He has also heavily involved in making Youtube content.
    a. Chuxin MV
    Producer, set budget, schedule, location recce, etc...
    Assistant Director, communicate with director, actor and the team.
    b. HaoRen Youtube Content
    I am in charge of planning and shoo􀆟ng his youtube content.

    Jack of All MV Shoot
    Jack of all is a child tv show.
    a. Producer, Set budget, schedule, location recce, etc...
    b. Assistant Director, Manage the talents: 18 children, Communicate with director and arrange for shoot.

    Celebrity on Board 网络大明星
    Celebrity on Board Malaysia version has a total of 12 episodes.
    a. Producer, Research on Guests, Prepare script, Manage budget, Communicate with talents.
    b. Setup cam and mic; Shoot on challenge/game; Direct the last two episodes; Edit the last two episodes.

    Juice=Juice Project
    Juice=Juice came to Malaysia for promo tour.
    a. Juice=Juice Malaysia Promo, setup, shoot, and edit
    Reason Of Resign
    Wanted to challenge myself
  • Internship
    Leo Burnett Malaysia
    Kuala Lumpur
    May 2016 -- Sep 2018
    Company Type
    Multinational Corporation
    Advertising & Media
    Management, Marketing, Sales, Admin
    Human Resources
    1. Human Resource
    a. Researching
    - Comparison of Employee Benefit in Leo Burnett Malaysia, Arc Worldwide, Publicis Malaysia, Alpha, Saatchi & Saatchi Arachnid, Saatchi & Saatchi Malaysia

    b. Filing
    - Standardization of all Job descriptions and policies
    - Data Entry of turnover rate, leave, job applicants
    - Reorganize all files, with different colors indicating different years
    - Compile staff list from Leo Burnett, Publicis Malaysia, Alpha, Arc Worldwide, Saatchi & Saatchi Arachnid, Saatchi & Saatchi Malaysia, Vivaki Malaysia
    - Create welcoming and birthday poster everyday

    2. Creative
    Yasmin Ahmad Project
    - Preparation of Deck, with advertisements and movies created by Yasmin Ahmad
    - Edit a video with footages provided - Yasmin Museum https://goo.gl/bcxXtA

    3. Social Media
    - Comparison of Tone of Voice, how social media of Guinness, Tiger, Heineken reacts to comments, and recommendation of tone of voice for Carlsberg
    - Sample post of Legoland for different nature of post, Etc: Promo, UGC, Caption this, Moments, Reminders, Greetings...
    - Sample FAQ for Mytown, for two categories: General public and Future tenant
    - Comparison of Competitors in posting on social media for Sweetspot: Retailmenot, Groupon, Ebate, Coupons.com, Unitreats, Shopular and Coupon Sherpa. Categories included: Cloth, Celebration, F&B, Fitness, Recreation, Interesting post, Accomodation, Electronic...

    4. Event
    a. Sports & Social Club (Cannes Prediction & Leo Burnett Malaysia 81st Anniversary)
    - Record meeting details
    - Follow up on collection of ideas for venue and game
    - Request necessary item for event
    - Prepare a deck for team and sponsor

    5. Extras
    a. F&N Bunkface Collab
    - Join in as extra talents for two day continuous shoot
    Reason Of Resign
    Internship for three months


  • Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman
    Bachelor's Degree
    May 2014 -- May 2017
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Available for Hourly (Remote Only)
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